Famestage Presents
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Fri-11-Oct (6:30pm) - £20.00
Famestage Presents
Show Time 8:00pm / Doors Open 6:30pm

The Band of Sisters is an idea by David Mindel bringing together his favourite female vocalists of all time, legends such as PP Arnold, Mim Grey, Tessa Niles, Alison Joy Williams the list goes on and on…’Issues’ is an album featuring the singers…and the Pheasantry has been chosen for two nights on launch week of the album.
The singers: Tessa Niles; Lynda Hayes; Mim Grey; Miriam Stockley; Stevie Lange; Alissa Moreno; Leigh Matty; PP Arnold; Mandy Bell; Jacqi Michaels; Tor Richards; Angela Kaset; Kim Alvord; Monica Ward; Alison Joy Williams.
A joy to watch, this will be one of the best nights for Live music in London , this talent is amazing!
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The Pheasantry
152 Kings Road
The Pheasantry
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For: Famestage Presents Show Time 8:00pm / Doors Open 6:30pm
On: Fri 11 Oct 2013
Price: £20.00 per person
Door Time: 6:30pm
Set Time: 20:00pm

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The Pheasantry The Pheasantry
152 Kings Road

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