Our doors are now open to safely welcome you back to our PizzaExpress Live venues

We’re excited to let you know we’re back, supporting live music once again. We’ve done a lot of work to make sure our customers and teams are safe, following the latest government guidelines, while still offering amazing entertainment, delicious food and great service.


At PizzaExpress, we insist that Government guidelines and our own safety protocols relating to COVID-19 are followed at all times in our venues for the safety of our customers, the performers on stage and our colleagues.

This includes:

  • New physically distanced layouts in our venues with significantly reduced capacity
  • Enhanced protocols for our air ventilation systems
  • A new digital menu and cashless payment to encourage social distancing and assist customers
  • Customer hand sanitiser stations in all our venues
  • New routines to minimise physical contact and maintain distance when setting, serving and clearing tables
  • Enhanced cleaning regimes that include regular sanitisation of all contact surfaces
  • A culture of handwashing which our teams complete every 20 minutes on top of normal handwashing that is needed to maintain food safety standards
  • Enhanced health and wellbeing conversations and checks with our teams
  • All staff wearing face coverings
  • Appropriately distanced musicians, both from customers and each other

We have introduced temperature checking on arrival. This is for the safety of us all and please rest assured this will be conducted in a COVID safe manner.  We understand there may be legitimate reason why your temperature may be higher than normal and we have processes in place to manage this but we ask for the safety of us all if you are experiencing an unusually high temperature (or any COVID symptoms) that you don’t attend our show. We will of course be happy to re-book at a different time. 

The new government regulations state that by law people in London from separate households or bubbles cannot mix or be grouped together. If you know people who have booked for the same show, you unfortunately must not interact with them at any point during your visit inside the venue.  

We keep these measures under constant review, and will adapt or update if any national or local government guidelines change.

Please be aware, queuing for entrance will involve orderly spaced queues outside the venue prior to doors opening.  Please be mindful of others around you. 


Additional FAQs:

Q: What time will shows finish?

A: Our live music venues are exempt from the 10pm curfew, but  we have decided to start most of our shows half an hour earlier at 8pm to ensure a slightly earlier finish time, please check your ticket for details. If you will be eating while enjoying the show, we ask that you place your order by 9pm. Food and drinks will not be served beyond 10pm, in accordance with government guidance.

Q: Do I need to wear a mask?

A: In line with government guidance, all team members and customers must wear face coverings. Customers may remove only at their table when about to eat or drink. Masks must be worn when moving around the restaurant including visits to the toilet.

Q: What happens if the show is cancelled due to COVID?

A: If we need to cancel the show due to government restrictions, artist or staff being required to self-isolate or any other unforeseen reason, we will refund you in full automatically. If the show is going ahead (in accordance with government guidelines) but you are unable to attend due to COVID symptoms, we will cancel your ticket(s) and offer you a refund.

Q: Do you check your teams’ temperatures before starting work, to ensure they are not asymptomatic or spreading the virus to your customers?

A: While government guidance is that temperature checking is not mandatory, we will be conducting daily and weekly health checks with our team members.

Q: How can I be assured your venues are adhering to the latest health and safety guidance?

A: Every venue has been inspected by our quality and safety team to ensure that government guidance has been adhered to, including social distancing measures in addition to our own robust health and safety procedures. A signed and dated certificate is displayed in the restaurant to show when the venue was last inspected.

Q: What happens if a member of staff tests positive for COVID-19?

A: If we receive information that a member of our team or one of our customers has recently tested positive for COVID-19, we will investigate all the details and inform the local council and PHE / NIHP for guidance.

If the colleague has been at work in the previous 3 days, we will close that restaurant for a deep clean. Other team members may also need to isolate, depending on the specific circumstances. We will obviously support our colleagues through this. Thanks to the extensive safety measures we’ve put in place in our restaurants to maintain distancing between our teams and customers, PHE advise us there is a very low risk to customers. We will liaise with the local council and PHE / NIHP to share all the details and act on their advice.

Q: Does PizzaExpress collect customer data for Track & Trace?

A: Yes, safety is our primary priority, so we have several ways of collecting customer contact data including via our booking platform and digital menu. The data is stored securely for 21 days so that it can be shared with NHS Test and Trace if required. We also have the new NHS Track & Trace QR Codes available for use at all venues.

We take data protection very seriously and will only share this data with validated officials for the purposes of Track & Trace, if they formally request it.

Q: When would PizzaExpress activate Track & Trace at a restaurant?

A: The local council, in tandem with PHE / NIHP, manage Track & Trace processes and decide what public health advice to give. PizzaExpress does not implement or run the Track & Trace process. Safety is our main priority, so we collect customer details routinely as one of our COVID-19 prevention measures and will provide it for Track & Trace if requested.


If you have any other questions not covered by the above, please contact our Box Office on 020 7439 4962 between Monday-Friday 10am-5pm


Further non-COVID-related FAQs can be found here.