Jazz Divas 2019

We join with our new venue partner PizzaExpress Live in their leading jazz cabaret venue The Pheasantry on London’s Kings Road Chelsea.

Over four months and nine concerts, we feature eight of the UK’s greatest female jazz artists. With their wide range of voices and musical styles, audiences can sit back, relax and enjoy distinctive and compelling interpretations and improvisations of the greatest song writers and singers, delivering just pure musical magic.
For anyone who just enjoys great music, our Jazz Divas 2019 Series has something for everyone. We look forward to your company. 

John Billett
JBGB Events

Jazz Divas 2019

Gabrielle Ducomble

The Pheasantry (Chelsea)


Friday 14 th June Show Time 8:30pm / Doors Open 7:00pm

With her unique international style and adventurous approach to the conventional, Gabrielle Ducomble, with her Parisian Jazz & Tango music, has become an established, original...

Jazz Divas 2019

Clare Teal

with Jason Rebello

The Pheasantry (Chelsea)


Saturday 15 th June Show Time 6:00pm / Doors Open 5:00pm

To conclude our 8 evening Jazz Divas series 2019, we welcome the outstanding vocal delights of BBC broadcaster Clare Teal. The opportunity to hear her evocative voice spanning a...