Aid Lewis 'Empathy & Ecstasy'

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Last Show: Thursday 1 st February 2018

PizzaExpress Live (Maidstone)

Aid Lewis is singer, songwriter, performer and lover of life. Through his music he tells stories of life, love, laughter, experience and society. Having performed from an early age and growing up in a musical family, it’s no wonder Aid found himself exploring and experimenting with music. His latest offering and debut album tells a story of life’s experiences, that are blissfully and, at times, painfully relatable. The album touches on the joys of love and passion, heartache, as well as the world in its current state.

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Aid is not afraid to comment on society, and encourages his audience to get lost in the words, rhythms and melodies he has created to appeal to a wide demographic that is his fan-base and audience. When he is not in the studio, or writing songs, Aid is on the road performing at gigs around the country to packed venues with his band.
In doing so, his talent and performing skills have gathered momentum and with that a large following. That following, who were thrilled when Aid announced his debut album “Empathy & Ecstasy”. The fan-base, who took to social media in their hundreds to like, share and most importantly – listen, to his first single which premiered on the 21st of August 2017 via the launch of Aid’s first music video.

Supported by a six-piece band, the stage bustles with energy, which lends itself to what audiences can expect from an Aid Lewis gig. With Matt Walters on Keyboard, Sabina Virtosu on Violin, John Lovell on Guitar, Harry Lloyd Smith on Bass, Vito Guerrieri on Drums and Klara Schuman on Cello – side by side, the support and love from Aid’s ‘brothers and sisters’ oozes into the excitable audience and makes you feel like you want to be a part of this journey.

Aid’s message is simple – Share Love - and this message is clear in his lyrics and stage presence. From his humble interactions with the audience to his witty stories of the people and experiences behind the songs, it’s nigh on impossible not to be captivated by the emotional revolution that Aid stirs within his dedicated listeners.

Be a part of something special, soak up the catchy melodies, poignant lyrics and high energy from an artist who is sure to leave you wanting more when the night is over.