An evening with Shamus Dark and friends

Event Has Passed

Last Show: Thursday 7 th July 2016

The Pheasantry (Chelsea)

Advice to lovers, young and old, bring spare hankies and/or a packet of Kleenex tissues. Tonight, Shamus will be singing songs of love and loss, drawn mainly from the great American songbook, but including well known songs from Joy Division, Pink Floyd and Japan. Tonight won’t be for the faint - hearted or those of a nervous disposition.

Tonight, a ccompanied by a stellar quartet of London’s finest; Rick Laughlin (keys), Rob Hughes (sax, flute), Paul Harvey (guitars) and Marc Parnell (drums), Shamus will hope to induce lachrymosity, melancholia, angst and desolation – all with the most pleasurable results.

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“ Watching this performance is like watching a character step out of an old film only to find themselves in modern day London. It is very odd but utterly compelling.”

Johnny Others –

“Trench coats, shades, snap - brim hats, open - necked shirts and loose black ties. Not forgetting the cigarettes and alcohol. Vocalist Shamus Dark has a strong line in film noir visuals to complement the selection of songbook classics that appears on Trouble In Paradise. It's not just the cover photos: the videos that he's created to accompany many of the songs are also rich with that '40s B - movie glamor. This is a fine collection — a left - field take on the classics that reminds us how an artist's vision can throw new light on old favourites.” - Bruce Lindsay –

Band Lineup

Shamus Dark (vocals)

Rick Laughlin (keys)

Rob Hughes (sax, flute)

Paul Harvey (guitars)

Marc Parnell (drums)