Andrew Linham Jazz Orchestra

Album Launch

Event Has Passed

Last Show: Sunday 15 th October 2017

PizzaExpress Jazz Club (Soho)

The Andrew Linham Jazz Orchestra present their new album ‘Weapons of Mass Distraction’, a collection of original big band compositions penned by their enigmatic leader and baritone saxophonist Andrew Linham. Since the premier of Andrew’s first major work ‘The Linferno Suite’ in 2013, the big band have performed a vast collection of his original tunes that are unfettered by style and convention, diversely genre-swapping their way through swinging cockney two-steps to punk rock Bavarian waltzes - and that’s without mentioning cheesy power ballads! Bringing together a wealth of talented musicians, cherry picked from London, this contemporary big band are sure to leave you grinning from ear to ear.

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"Eccentric Big Band Swing"

London Jazz Festival 2015

The Andrew Linham Jazz Orchestra is a 17 piece contemporary big band playing the music of Andrew Linham. Since the 2013 premier of ‘The Linferno Suite’, which was Andrew’s first major work, this and other compositions have been performed by the jazz orchestra around the country. They recently premiered Andrew’s second major work, ‘The Theme Music of Anarchic Animals’, to critical acclaim at the London Jazz Festival 2015. With a full and bristling pad of madcap compositions, ranging from traditional big band writing to ridiculous pop power ballads and the wealth of farcical music in between, this band seeks to play serious jazz music - in a not so serious way.  

The band was described by one listener as ‘tragic, hilarious, dark and downright bizarre’, with the London Jazz Festival describing it as ‘Eccentric big band swing’. Andrew has always stated assuredly that he wants it to be ‘a loud visceral remedy of jazz-based insanity to warm the cockles of your heart.’

Band Lineup

Tommy Andrews, Phil Meadows, Riley Stone-Lonergan, Jonny Chung, Andrew Linham (saxes)

Barney Lowe, Miguel Gorodi, Sam Warner, Matt Roberts (trumpets)

Tom Green, Rosie Turton, Chris Saunders, Barney Medland (trombones)

Rich Perks (guitar)

Tom Millar (piano)

Andrew Robb (bass)

David Ingamells (drums)