Andria Antoniou & Roman Gomez

'Encuentro' Album Launch

Event Has Passed

Last Show: Sunday 13 th October 2019

The Pheasantry (Chelsea)

Andria Antoniou and Roman Gomez are delighted to release their new album 'Encuentro'. An album with a unique blend of Argentinian tango and Latin American folklore with jazz, expressed through Roman’s original compositions. The album is an expression of the power of encounter ('encuentro' in spanish) between artists and musical cultures. It is inspired by themes of displacement, nostalgia, loneliness, the utopian experience of love and the power of women to resist and seek for freedom. Their style draws upon impressionistic elements, creating evocative imagery through the explorative use of 'colour' in harmonic usage, texture and timbre. The album counts with the lyrical contribution of Mario Bakuna, Claudia Salomone and Julia Gray bringing together a creative team from different parts of the world. In the album launch show, 'Encuentro', Andria Antoniou and Roman Gomez will take the audience on an oneiric journey through the duet’s musical and personal imagery.


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Andria Antoniou is a London-based vocalist of jazz, Latin and Greek retro music. Her immersion into different styles of music from an early age and her bilingual upbringing have led her to what she is as a performer; an amalgam of music from different parts of the world expressed in different languages. After having completed her jazz studies at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, Andria has performed across venues and festivals in London, Athens, Cyprus, Colombia and Cuba. She has continuously collaborated with renowned and award-winning artists including Omar Puente, Greg Arrowsmith, the band Classico Latino, Mario Bakuna, Giorgos Hatzinasios, and more recently, Roman Gomez.

In addition to her debut album “Encuentro” with Roman Gomez, Andria is also a featured artist in Classico Latino’s new album, “Havana Classic”, also due for release this year.

Roman Gomez is an established piano, bandoneon and guitar soloist, as well as composer and arranger from Argentina. His dad was the tango singer of the orquestra ‘Jose Colangelo’ and his uncle the founder of the famous tango school ‘Tango Escuela Carlos Copello’.

Roman had classical piano training at the ‘Rene Deppe’ Conservatory and at Juan José Castro Conservatory as well as jazz piano at the Ward College in Buenos Aires. While living in Italy, Roman studied music technology in Rimini under the tutelage of Diego Bosco and he collaborated as a composer with acclaimed Italian artists including the singer Lucio Dalla, Edoardo de Angelis, Lisa Tony Esposito and acclaimed jazz composer Daniele Sepe, with whom he released the album “All’ intrasatta” last year.

His compositional work embraces elements from Argentinian music while being enhanced by the flavours of Brazilian music and stylistic elements of jazz.

Band Lineup

Andria Antoniou (vocals)

Roman Gomez (guitar)

Special Guest: John Turville (jazz pianist)