Brix & The Extricated

The Len Price 3

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Last Show: Friday 3 rd May 2019

PizzaExpress Live (Maidstone)

Brix & The Extricated feature original Fall vixen Brix Smith-Start on guitar and vocals, powerhouse duo Steve Hanley on bass and brother Paul Hanley on drums (‘The greatest rhythm section in rock n roll’ – Luke Haines), Steve Trafford on guitar and vocals and virtuoso Jason Brown on guitar, this is a dream line up for lovers of The Fall sound.

Standing show, for limited seating available on the balcony, please contact the Box Office on 0207 439 4962.

Brix & The Extricated 

Brix Smith Start is one of the few true female rock icons of the indie and alternative era, an inspiration for generations of women, not just those who play music. Her best-selling 2016 autobiography, The Rise, The Fall And The Rise, detailed a hugely eventful life including the years in which she was married to recently passed Fall singer Mark E. Smith and wrote songs and played guitar in the group. Last year she won the hearts of many BBC 6Music listeners when she spent a number of weeks sitting in for Guy Garvey. Brix currently hosts her own bi-weekly show on Boogaloo Radio called The Brix Show.

Steve Hanley released his own acclaimed memoir, The Big Midweek in 2014. It revealed what is was really like to spend 18 years in the Fall, the longest spell of any member of the iconic and influential Salford group.

Paul Hanley, drummer in the Fall from 1980 to 1985, released his book Leave The Capital last year. Published by Route Publishing, the book explores the history of recording in Manchester and puts forward the argument that Manchester's unique musical heritage is directly traceable to the 1960s beat-boomers who started their own studios.

Len Price 3

Weaned on the raw, passionate, two-minute tunes of the Who, the Kinks, and the Clash, the Len Price 3 are a high-energy garage combo from the Medway district of North Kent in the United Kingdom. Comprised of Glenn Page on guitar and vocals, Steve Huggins on bass, and Neil Fromow on drums (no; no one in the band is named Len Price), the Len Price 3 got their start at a bar in Maidstone where bands could pay for the privilege of rehearsing in front of the drinking customers. When the trio were banned for playing too loud, they simply changed their name and booked another gig under the new moniker a few weeks later. Eventually, the band found an audience for their revved-up, no-nonsense sound, and shared stages with a wide variety of noted acts, from the Libertines to the Buff Medways (featuring British garage icon Billy Childish).