BrownSugar 2 Shezzie Showcase

PizzaExpress Live (Holborn)

PizzaExpress Live proudly presents Singer – Songwriter Shezzie. Born and raised in south London she is the Founder member of the successful vocal trio Brown Sugar along with Caron Wheeler (Soul II Soul) and Carol Simms (Kofi), who during the 70’s and 80’ had a succession of hit’s and became the pioneers of the popular genre known today as ‘Lovers Rock. Shezzie’s dynamic performance will take you back in time, reminiscing and telling the story of the early days of Brown Sugar while charting her fascinating musical journey and performing her latest music releases.

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‘’ Shezzie revitalises old school tradition jazz with a UK Lovers groove, bringing out visions of a modern-day lady Sings the Blues! ‘’

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Shezzie has recently released a brand-new EP ‘Lioness’ produced by Musical Director and renowned musician Ciyo Brown. This showcase will be a unique musical fusion of Jazz, Reggae, Lovers Rock and Roots Reggae as Shezzie magically captures a musical vibrancy taking you back in time, reflecting her personal musical journey through superbly crafted lyrics, wrapped in beautiful harmonies. Her exciting, musical, poetic and creative flare is delivered in the style and tones reminiscent of singers like the I Threes, Sade, Erykah Badu and Billy Holiday.

Ciyo Brown (MD)
Andrew Young (keys)
Calvin Bennion (keys)
Carla Lou One Drop (drums)
Fish Brown (bass)
Celia Wickam Anderson (BV’s)
Jasnet Lindo (BV’s)
Sharon Niles (BV’s)
Jason Junior aka JJborn2sing (guest vocalist)