Cabaret Confidential

The Pheasantry (Chelsea)

Celebrating 10 years of showcasing up-and-coming musical theatre and cabaret talent, host Jamie Anderson and resident pianist Simona Budd introduce four more eclectic and diverse vocalists in this hugely popular monthly event.


Special Event on Wednesday 13th December, tickets onsale at

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‘The best night's entertainment I've ever had’

London City Nights

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Please be advised that Cabaret Confidential is NOT recommended for under 16s (unless parent is very liberal!) and the show may contain coarse language.

The evenings are hosted by Jamie Anderson and Simona Budd on the piano.

Artists line-up for the dates are:

10th May 2017 - Claire Benjamin, Frank Loman, Ruthie George and Arabella Rodrigo (Pianist – Simona Budd)

14th June 2017 - Holly Aisbitt, Marius Hesper, Nathan Lodge & Jordan Langford and Robert McNeilly (Pianist – Simona Budd)

12th July 2017 - Howard Platt, Nicola Avino, Rachel Rose Reid and Andrea Martin (Pianist – Simona Budd)

9th August - Paul Rich, Alanna Stone, Tamasine Kimber & Ido Gonen and Lorayne Constance (Pianist – Simona Budd)

13th September - Miranda Dawe, Gemma Seren, The Fabulous Beardettes and Helen Rivera (Pianist – Simona Budd)

11th October - Celia and Fred, Helga Handfull, Gavin Brock and Carmen Dioxide (Pianist – Simona Budd)

8th November - Jane Anghelatos, Emily Davis, Sally Riceman and Teri West (Pianist – Simona Budd)

13th December - Jamie Anderson and Paulus