EFG London Jazz Festival 2017

Camila Meza

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Last Show: Friday 10 th November 2017

The Pheasantry (Chelsea)

Hotly tipped and supremely gifted Chilean singer/guitarist makes her debut UK appearance with her own band. Camila Meza, singer, guitar player, composer and arranger, moved to New York from her hometown of Santiago, Chile in 2009 with a scholarship from the renowned jazz and contemporary music school The New School, and quickly gained recognition for her artistry, both from peers and jazz veterans. An equally gifted vocalist and guitar player. 

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“Meza's reputation as a talented triple-¬threat-guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter/composer proved true . . ."

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The New York Times has described her as "A bright young singer and guitarist with an ear for music of both folkloric and pop intention, Camila Meza has connected with a strong peer group since moving to New York from her native Santiago, Chile, in 2009" and adds “"Ms. Meza brings an appealing combination of lightness and depth to all the material, singing in a bright, clear voice against the agile stir of a first-¬rate band. Her improvising, on electric or acoustic guitar, is serious business . . ." On Downbeat Magazine "Meza delivered pure, unaffected vocals, sung alternately in Spanish and English, that flooded the subterranean space with a genuine warmth and uplifting spirit. When she soloed on numbers like 'Para Volar,' 'Emerald' and the enchanting title track of her Sunnyside debut, Traces, it was clear that this triple threat from Santiago, Chile, had more to offer than just a beautiful voice, thoughtful lyrics and refreshing stage presence."