Carla Cook

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Last Show: Wednesday 2 nd March 2022

PizzaExpress Jazz Club (Soho)

Carla Cook is a daring jazz singer/songwriter who sings standards beautifully - but she doesn't stop there. She has received a Grammy nomination in the Best Jazz Vocal Performance category, and was awarded the AFIM Indie Award for Best Jazz Vocal, and has won many favorable reviews. A native Detroiter, she grew up in a musically rich and diverse environment, and brings all her influences to bear within her repertoire. In her songbook you'll find elements of R&B, European classical, Motown, Blues and Gospel.

"She has sass that enlivens her impeccable diction, and tremendous soul that lets her swagger with gutbucket finesse, but it's all buttressed with sparkling optimism and innocence."

John Murph, The Washington Post

Carla Cook has recorded several CD’s for the MAXJAZZ label during the last 14 years and her albums continue to receive critical acclaim.

Carla refuses to become a jazz purist or snob and has a willingness to simply sing what she loves, bringing an earthy sophistication to every song, which is what gives her such a unique style.

She is willing to put a jazz spin on songs not written by traditional jazz composers. Songs that, until you hear her sing them, you'd never imagine could be interpreted as jazz.

In a larger sense, the great company she keeps also includes the pantheon of great women singers who've always thought of themselves as members of the band. When the smart trombone section moves in, we are reminded of what this album is all about: namely, a singer resting comfortably in the arms of her bandmates, who blow all around her, supporting her as she offers a unique and inimitable voice. Down Beat

Band Lineup

Carla Cook (voice)

Matyas Gayer (piano)

Mark Hodgson (bass)

Stephen Keogh (drums)