Clara Sanabras

'The Instinct of Hope'

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Last Show: Sunday 5 th September 2021

PizzaExpress Live (Holborn)

After her album launch sell-out at Wilton’s Music Hall in May 2019, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and composer Clara Sanabras presents her new project “The Instinct of Hope”, at PizzaExpress Live Holborn on 5th September 2021. “The Instinct of Hope” is a collection of songs on the theme of nature and prophecy and the manifestation of the forgotten powers native to our human spirit. The show will also feature music from Sanabras' last album “Fugue to the Floating World”. A stunningly diverse collection of songs written as a meditation on the transient world of love and magic. Clara’s songs resonate with a distinctive and unique cinematic sound, laced by otherworldly imagery and rich in literary reference. Clara’s band will feature Mike Outram (guitar), Dave le Page (violin), Clare O’Connell (cello).

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"Full of rich tone and musicality. Beautiful work."

Sir Ray Davies

'The Instinct of Hope' is a poem by John Clare, (1793-1864), which Clara found inside an old forgotten folder during the initial week of lockdown, which resonated deeply. In it, the poet wonders about nature and its prophecy, struggling to explain the close-sealed volume of its mystery. 

‘Fugue to the Floating World’ is a collection of confessional love songs, its title derived from several meanings – the concept of a fugue as both a musical form, and the mental state of a ‘fugitive mind’; as well as descriptions throughout several cultures of ‘the floating world’ drawn from eastern literature through to Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland. Such imagery pushes the boundaries of folk music allowing for a colourful and vibrant, yet never obtuse sonic exploration, taking in elements of Jungian psychology, archetypal mythology, and ancient teachings.

Clara describes the album’s core theme as being a discussion on escapism: ‘… the unconscious, pitting the urge to ?y free against the need for solid ground beneath our feet’. Written whilst also collaborating with legendary songwriter Sir Ray Davies “The Kinks” on a 50th anniversary reimagining of The Village Green Preservation Society, ‘Fugue To The Floating World’ the latest in a formidable and diverse repertoire that demonstrates a uniquely versatile artist.

For the relaunch and the tour, Clara’s band will feature jazz guitarist Mike Outram, violinist Dave le Page and cellist Clare O’Connell.

Clara Sanabras has released 4 previous albums of original music in different languages, as well as appearances on movie soundtracks such as ‘The Hobbit’, ‘The Hunger Games’, ‘Snow White and The Huntsman’, and performing as part of the ‘Titanic-Live’ concerts; where she was the lead vocal soloist.

Having performed in prestigious venues all over the world including The Barbican, The Royal Albert Hall, The Kremlin, Buckingham Palace, Sydney Opera House, La Scala Milan, Glastonbury, and Tokyo Casals Hall, Clara has also collaborated with the likes of Nigel Kennedy, Jarvis Cocker, Simon Schama.


Band Lineup

Clara Sanabras (vocals, guitars, piano, harmonium, compositions)

Mike Outram (guitar)

Dave le Page (violin)

Clare O’Connell (cello)