Craig Pomranz

'Without a Song - songs we need now'

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Last Show: Tuesday 5 th September 2017

The Pheasantry (Chelsea)

Craig Pomranz, Winner of New York’s MAC Best Male Vocalist 2012, was nemed as 'Tenor of the Times' by GQ Magazine. Pomranz is returning to The Pheasantry with a brand new show 'Live! Laugh! Love!' straight form touring LA. The New York Post describes Pomranz as 'The BEST male singer ...his four-octave voice is alternately affecting, powerful, and nuanced; one of the finest instruments in the city.' Featuring Martin Layzell on the piano.


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“exceptional voice...powerful performance...came deep from his soul...mesmerizing the audience.”

Music Connection Magazine

‘What singers do is the riskiest, sexiest thing,’ says Craig, and he reminds us that Doris Day‘s recording of ‘Sentimental Journey’ was banned from radio because it was too intimate. His admiration for singers like Day and Frank Sinatra is rooted in their willingness to take chances, their intelligence and their superb musicianship. Craig studies the singers he loves, and searches for unique material among the thousands of songs in the American Songbook, and elsewhere, which are not ‘over-exposed.’ As always, the origin, age, or era of a song doesn’t matter to Craig, just the answers to some simple questions: will his voice, the melody and words converge to affect and please the audience? Will he create silence? ‘As a dancer, I was trained to hit the mark,’ says Craig. ‘As a singer, that moment is my mark.’