Daniel Allain 'Samba EM 4'

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Last Show: Thursday 11 th August 2022

The Pheasantry (Chelsea)

Daniel Allain is a Brazilian flautist and saxophonist living now in London/UK. Principal flautist at Brazil Jazz Symphony Orchestra, Daniel has a long career in popular Brazilian music, both as a soloist and as a sideman to important Brazilian artists such as Dominguinhos, Ivan Lins, Monica Salmaso, Antonio Nóbrega and many others.

In this show he is launching his two recently recorded albums BICO DE CHORO, FORRÓ DE OURO and SOPRO E VOZ (Wind and Voice). Samba, choro, forró, toada, valsa, côco, frevo, are some of the different genres of Brazilian music presented. There are compositions of his own, and from Hermeto Pascoal, Dominguinhos, Pixinguinha, Luiz Gonzaga.

Samba is Brazil’s most famous and well known rhythm, as well as bossa-nova, of course. In Brazil samba is traditionally a 2/4 beat, although there are some who say it is 4/4, or simply “in 4”. Apart from this controversy, the title of this concert is not about rhythm, but rather about the fact that it is played by a quartet. And a very special, tuned and attuned quartet! Dedicated to playing popular Brazilian music, not only samba, but many other rhythms or genres.

Daniel Allain is a Brazilian flautist, saxophonist and pífano player (pífano is a typical bambu flute or fife, very common in the Northeast of Brazil), living temporally in London/UK. He is principal flautist of Brazil Jazz Symphony Orchestra, in São Paulo/BR - an orchestra that plays exclusively popular music, especially from Brazil -, since 1997. Very active in the Brazilian music scene, he performs in orchestras and groups of well Known artists, as well as his own. He has recorded with various artists such as Dominguinhos, Antonio Nóbrega, Zeca Baleiro, Egberto Gismonti, Dori Caymmi, amongst many others.

In this concert, Daniel and his quartet takes the audience to a journey among some of the many rhythms, genres and landscapes of Brazilian instrumental music, from the Northeast (with it’s forró, baião, xaxado, frevo, toada) to the Southeast (with it’s samba, choro, valsa, maxixe, schottish), in a vivid dialogue between these different styles, and between the classical flute and the pífano. Renowned composers such as Anacleto de Medeiros, Pixinguinha, Luiz Gonzaga, Dominguinhos and Hermeto Pascoal form the narrative for this dialogue, apart from one or two authorial pieces. These songs are part of his two recently recorded albums, launched in Brazil: “Bico de Choro, Forró de Ouro” and “Sopro e Voz” (Wind and Voice). The first album was recorded with a trio (7 string acoustic guitar, cavaquinho, and percussion) and is all about Brazilian popular music. The second album, Sopro e Voz, is completely solo flute, with compositions from Debussy, Andre Jolivet, Luiz Gonzaga, Renato Consorte and Daniel Allain.

Band Line Up

Luiz Morais (7 string acoustic guitar)

Aluá Nascimento (percussion)

Oren Marshal (tuba)

Daniel Allain (flute and pífano)