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PizzaExpress Jazz Club (Soho)

D'Influence bringing back their fresh and timeless sound to their original fan base via a series of live shows, and Shades of Soul are delighted to welcome them to the PizzaExpress (Holborn). D-Influence comprised of vocalist Sarah Anne Webb, guitarist & keyboardist Ed Baden- Powell, Keyboardist and MC Kwame Kwaten and saxophonist Steve Marston, who created a distinct sound which placed them at the forefront of the Acid Jazz and UK Soul movement. The 1990’s saw a UK inspired street soul scene explode across the globe – D'Influence was one of the acts that carved a fierce live reputation through years of shows with the biggest and the best performers on the planet. In the 1990’s the band supported Michael Jackson, Prince and James Brown himself.

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2016 sees the band coming back together after 18 years to perform a series of live shows .Why now?? “ It just felt right to do. Every year for the last few we have got together to rehearse as mates but only this time we posted a 15 second video on instagram and a promoter called us pretty much immediately to do a show. Normally we say no, but this time it just felt right”.
Their story like many in music started with industry rejection - After their demos received no interest from the major record labels of the day, they decided to go it alone and press and distribute their own records. Like Grime today , DIY or die ,was the only way for many early street soul acts.
The first release was "I'm the One" they sold their records direct to Soho and UK record shops out of the back of a van. Their sound was raw – it used Hip Hop breaks and samples but fused that with real instruments – their sound was also melodically tied to your heart by the soul stirrings of a 17 year old vocal assassin Sarah Anne Webb . Her golden soulful voice captured emotion and shot it directly into your veins.

2017 is the beginning of D-Influence bringing back their fresh & timeless sound and the timing seems to be right for Acid Jazz bands – Jamiroquai’s shows sold out in ten minutes. 

Band Lineup

Sarah Anne Webb (vocals)
Ed Baden Powell (guitar & keyboards)
Kwame Kwaten (keyboards)
Viki St James (back vocals)
Mary Pearce (back vocals)
Steve Hussey (keyboards)
Sebastian Allen (bass)
Pascal Consoli (drums)