Earl Okin 'Legend' Returns

Event Has Passed

Last Show: Saturday 24 th July 2021

The Pheasantry (Chelsea)

The UK's leading Jazz and Bossa Nova performer finally returns to present a show that should have happened last year. This will be another slice of his repertoire, including songs from the great American and Brazilian Songbooks, one or two of his own songs and all wrapped in his own brand of humour. Then add a couple of his 'vocal trumpet' solos. Unique and unmissable.

Earl's career began in the 60s, when, as a young singer-songwriter, he recorded at Abbey Road and was signed to the same company as The Beatles. He even toured with Paul McCartney later on. However, apart from his love of grand opera, Earl was always attracted to the world of Jazz (and Bossa Nova), especially Duke Ellington and the singing of artistes such as Peggy Lee, Mel Tormé and Joao Gilberto.

Honing his audience skills in folk clubs and even, later on, comedy clubs, Earl has become legendary and an inspiration for more than one or two younger British Jazz and Cabaret performers. Nobody quite offers his mixture of top quality Jazz singing and world-class songwriting.

Over the last decades, he has performed concerts literally around the world. Indeed, had it not been for Covid, he would have performed in Australia, Singapore and all over Europe in 2020. And there's talk of a Far Eastern tour in 2022. We shall see.