Eric Yves Garcia

'Keepers of The Keys'

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Last Show: Saturday 6 th May 2017

The Pheasantry (Chelsea)

When New York and London hit the town after theatre, when those cities stayed up late. What made a nightclub vibrant with color and possibility when it was just noise and smoke? When curtains had dropped, when plates had been cleared and nights were still young, which men at pianos formed the smart after-hours entertainment? These musicians pinned behind that instrument became destinations unto themselves, their names spoken like luxury hideaways. You visited their pianos sure of their calibre and crisp sophistication, yet none began at those heights. Each of these performers used the piano keys to unlock their futures: Nat 'King' Cole 'The Balladeer', Hoagy Carmichael 'The Honky Tonk Philosopher', Hutch 'The Gigolo' and Bobby Short 'The Bon Vivant'. 

These are the 'Keepers of The Keys’. Don't miss award-winning singer and pianist Eric Yves Garcia as he makes his anticipated return to London to premiere his latest show, already a hit in New York. 

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"Captivating is an oft overused word but it describes Garcia perfectly. From an astounding musicianship and controlled velvet voice, to his well-honed comic presence, the man is a delight. If a performance could transport the audience to another era, one of forgotten romance, that still manages to sound as fresh as it did sixty years ago, then this is it."

Jonathan Baz ****

"A handsome young singer pianist with a genuine star quality." NY Times

"Incredibly moving and very funny, often both at the same time. The great songs, Mr. Garcia says, "may bend, but they don't break," and he proves it, time after time." The Wall Street Journal

"A talented singer-pianist who sometimes brings a moody edge to his Great American Songbook selections..." Time Out NY

For 'Keepers of The Keys':

"Garcia, who can be proud of all of his assets, is not only a keeper of the keys in fact, but is a chronicler of a very important and precious art form. With him, the keys are in very good hands, indeed." Cabaret Scenes