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Last Show: Monday 23 rd September 2019

PizzaExpress Live (Holborn)

Since their inception over 10 years ago, Success Express has fast become a leading hub for creatives and audiences alike. Their DNA and passion for community have helped bring like-minded people together, and together, we have all created one positive voice within the independent music and arts scene. Whether it’s providing artists with a platform to grow and flourish, or cultivating exciting events and new landscapes for audiences to discover a new wave of unique artists, venues and friends. Success Express is a supportive, honest and collaborative platform, providing a beating heart for the creative community. Find us at our ExpressLive events at varied and exciting venues around London.


Stunning and alternative "Folk Noir" artist known as ECHO WANTS HER VOICE BACK will performing with guitarist Billy Crabbe, cellist Maddy Hamilton and percussionist Henry Coombes to headline our September midweek show. Greek Cypriot influences fused with many other styles create the tapestry of Echo's unique sound and style.


Soul and atmosphere drive this Croydon four piece's sound - evoking cinematic drama in a heady mixture of soul, jazz and folk made to make spines tingle. Chris croons soul and picks guitar, Charlie drives the bass, Liam taps and slides the rhythm, and Rania sings the flute.


Imagine Florence & The Machine sat around in a room writing songs with Chris Martin and Elizabeth Gilbert…with Adele stepping in on vocals… and you might get an idea of the (r)evolutionary sounds of Unsung Lilly. 
The delicious concoction that is Sera and Frankie, a multi-talented and just-married couple, make up the LA based, British born music duo.


What can we say about Ben, just a prodigiously gifted and highly original singer songwriter. Hailing from Norfolk, he has already amassed some keen fans and has played standout live shows both solo and with full band at Hard Rock Cafe, The Century Club and Omeara.