'My Eurovision'

Frank Loman

with Ricardo Nunes Fernandes on piano and guests Sarah Lebrecht and Heide Yates

Event Has Passed

Last Show: Tuesday 7 th May 2019

The Pheasantry (Chelsea)

After the great success of My Eurovision at the Pheasantry in 2018 here’s more Eurovision geekism for you. Don’t worry! This is still not a show about Brexit! Welcome instead to the glitter and wind machine filled schlager-fest that is the Eurovision Song Contest. Get ready for a fun-fact filled evening featuring winning songs and some that didn’t, entries which turned into unexpected evergreens and anecdotes of a sometimes political nature. A self proclaimed Eurovision geek, Frank Loman has performed in Les Misérables London’s West End, world premiere productions in Vienna, Berlin and Hamburg and starred in his one-man shows at Don’t Tell Mama and The Duplex in New York City. And he’s never missed Eurovision on telly since 1978!

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"It is clear Loman is a deeply sensitive man who wears his self-protective layers on his proverbial sleeve." - David Hurst (Cabaret Scenes)

"The only way you'd find out more about this guy's inner feelings is if you watched him having open heart surgery." - Josh Winning (QX Magazine)

"The voice of an angel, superb English diction, and extraordinary acting talent." 
Joe Regan Jr. (Times Square Chronicles)

"Frank Loman doesn’t just sing songs, he inhabits them - with a passion so strong that they could have been written for and about him. He covers such classics as “Merci Cherie”, Austria’s 1966 Eurovision Song Contest winner, proving that his range and versatility is as powerful as his voice and as engaging as his innate charm."
Joe Crystal (Remotegoat)

Band Lineup

Frank Loman (vocals)

Ricardo Nunes Fernandes (Musical Director)

Sarah Lebrecht (viola/violin)

Heide Yates (vocals)