Gil do Carmo 'A Uma Voz'

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Last Show: Friday 27 th October 2017

The Pheasantry (Chelsea)

With a clear view of Lisbon and with eyes wide open to the world, Gil do Carmo invites the public to travel through his work using instruments linked to Portuguese popular music, such as acoustic guitar, Portuguese guitar and accordion. In an intimate format Gil sings the remarkable miscegenation and fusion of the multiculturalism that embraces referential countries such as Brazil, Cape Verde, and Angola. The Atlantic Ocean and the Portuguese Language are the starting point for the lusophony framework in which Gil do Carmo makes a point of composing.

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"Gil do Carmo signs, in a time of unfocused values and grey scenarios, a record of" proximity "(...) the artist summons explicit references of Portugal, Brazil, and Africa (...) Gil do Carmo takes advantage of the essence of each of these "formats" – the current word - to then shape them as you see fit. "

João Gobern

Gil, son of an international renowned and lifetime Grammy winner artist, Carlos do Carmo, grew up in the midst of a family in which music is a trade mark. Gil do Carmo went his own way combining tradition with less conventional approaches thus creating a singular and personal aesthetic style.

He combined his family's musical heritage with influences from the United States where he went as a 19-year-old, obtaining a Vocal Performance Certificate from the Los Angeles Musicians Institute and later completing a Bachelor of Music, with a major in Composition, at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA in 1995.

He started his solo career in 1997 with the release of "Mil Historias", of which "Eléctrico em Lisboa", "Tentação Demais" and "Tu Morres Todos os Dias" (composed by Zeca Afonso and Ivan Lins and never recorded before) are some of the songs of this first album. He had the collaboration of Miguel Sá Pessoa in arrangements and co-production.

A year later he released "Nus Teus Olhos" with the participation of Júlio Pereira, Tito Paris, Laurent Filipe, producing songs such as "Abre a Janela da Dor", "Encontrado" and "B’leza", which led him to conquer his first Silver Record Award.



Band Lineup

Bruno Chaveiro (portuguese guitar)

Phelipe Ferreira (acustic guitar)

Carlos Lopes (accordion)

Gil do Carmo (voice)