Goio Lima

Album Launch

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The Brazilian saxophonist and composer Goio Lima releases his new album. It is a double CD with nineteen original compositions spanning through different Brazilian styles such as choro, marcha, baiao, frevo, samba jazz, bossa nova and valsa mineira. On his compositions he pays tribute to his influences, different names like bossa nova masters Jonny Alf and Tom Jobim and jazzmen like Charles Mingus and Stan Getz. With the formation of sax/flute and trumpet/fluguelhorn and rhythm section of bass, drums and piano the concert is a rare opportunity to listen to unusual styles and you can expect the joyful and lyricism of Brazilian music at its best. 

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The saxophonist, composer, arranger and educator Goio Lima launches his first double solo CD to celebrate his 35 years career.

The CD has nineteen songs that reflect his research about different Brazilian rhythms like baiao, choro, marcha, frevo, waltz, ballad and samba-jazz.

The musician and researcher, that had already recorded two CDs with Havana Brasil, has chosen among his compositions those that reflect his main influences and are a good example of his career as a composer, arranger and instrumentalist.

On this CD, Goio plays tenor and soprano sax, alto flute and flute and is accompanied by: Evaldo Guedes on bass, Paulinho Vicente on drums, Edmundo Cassis on the acoustic and electric piano, Rubinho Antunes on the trumpet and flugelhorn, João Lenhari on the trumpet and flugelhorn, Marcinho Pereira on drums and Gabriel Gaiardo on the acoustic and electric piano.

On CD 1, we have the songs: Um abraço no DonatoNivaldocomo está o tempo em BH?Valsa do NatalPro GetzGaucheSpok, vamos tomar um chopps no Frevinho?Uma rosa pra Fátima GuedesGota de choro e Juriti (valsa pra tia Celinha).

And on CD 2: Relativo PrazerTema pro Ivan LinsAtoEsperando MariaSkate BoardMingus no forróTema pro Johnny AlfMarcha EstradeiraSul de Minas e Mais um samba pro Toninho.

The CD was composed, arranged and produced by Goio Lima and recorded live at the Arsis Estúdio in São Paulo by Adonias Jr.

Goio Lima is a saxophonist, arranger, producer, composer and educator. In his academic career he has lectured at the federal universities of Uberlandia and São Carlos and on private colleges such as Unisantanna and Unaerp. He has performed with several instrumental music groups such as Mojave and Havana Brasil. An eclectic musician, he has performed in jazz, salsa and pop groups, but his main focus is Brazilian music. He had performed alongside great names like João Donato, Ivan Lins, Paulo Jobim and Toninho Horta.

Band Line Up

Sam Watts (piano)

Rogerio Botter Maio (bass)

Marcinho Pereira (drums)

Rubinho Antunes (trumpet)

Goio Lima (sax)