Harry the Piano

Event Has Passed

Last Show: Thursday 1 st January 1970

 After being chained to an upright piano in Battersea for a year, London’s favourite improvising pianist finally emerges squinting into the bright lights of the Kings Road in Chelsea.  2019 had gone so well: starting in Antarctica and going on to boast establishment gigs that involved playing the national anthem reggae-style to the sovereign in Sandringham, slightly less establishment for Extinction Rebellion hammering out Rhapsody in Blue in a tailcoat under Marble Arch and engagements as far-flung as Ho Chi Minh, Buenos Aires, Barcelona and Newbury.

"Spellbinding. Uncanny. Genius."

Times. Independent. Guardian.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that 2020’s incarceration might have stunted the creativity of ‘this phenomenal talent’ (Stephen Fry). But the globe-trotting artist who has bought people and penguins to their feet in seven continents migrated online and invited the world to his lounge with shows for Grange Park Opera (acclaimed as the most inventive opera company in Lockdown by the Times), Audio Network - the world’s largest production music company and South African big cat charity ‘Born Free’ amongst others.

During the enforced domesticity Harry also broadcast a daily musical distress signal in a three hundred strong series called Lockdown Blues, described by Classic FM as ‘miraculous creativity’ and by the Times as ‘astonishing…regularly made me cry’. He is now bursting back with a year’s pent up enthusiasm to take your requests for ‘any tune in any style’. Line of Duty as a tango? Thriller à la Mozart? Corrie as a Bond theme? The choice, my beautiful unlocked audience, is yours!"