Jazz Souled Out

Jack Tyson Charles presents 'Love is Pain' Live

In association with Shades of Soul Ltd

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Last Show: Saturday 5 th November 2022

PizzaExpress Jazz Club (Soho)

Jack Tyson Charles is a hugely dynamic musical force, born and bred in the heart of London. Collaborating with veteran producer & multi-instrumentalist Danny Kane, the pair have fine-tuned Jack’s music to bring realism to a fresh and unique blend of vintage sounds, infused with his influences and own inimitable style. Dripping in modern soul and paying homage to his funk forbearers, Jack Tyson Charles is bringing his show to the Soho Club for his debut.

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“Jack Tyson Charles dominates with a powerful, soulful voice, his songs are perfectly timed and impress with sophisticated arrangements in all departments and lead straight into the golden 80s.”

Sonic Soul

Jack Tyson Charles cultivates his brand of Epic Soul with the release of his debut album Love Is Pain’. Jack Tyson Charles is a hugely dynamic musical force, born and bred in the heart of LondonCollaborating with veteran producer & multi-instrumentalist Danny Kane, the pair have fine-tuned Jack’s music to bring realism to a fresh and unique blend of vintage sounds, infused with his influences and own inimitable style. Dripping in modern soul and paying homage to his funk forbearers, Jack Tyson Charles delivers his13-track album titled Love Is Pain out 22nd September 2022 and its LiveHoled up in Danny’s studio all the way back in winter of 2019recording the album.They fought with ideas ranging from loss, hopeabandonment, faith andith and mysticism. It resulted in a positive concoction of love and light. With incredible highs and lows that document thfraught intimate experiences that often occur in life and in the studio.I Sent You 7 the lead single off‘Love Is Pain’ began with a text message. Producer, Danny Kane had asked Jack how many track titles they had so far. Responding with “I Sent You 7”, Danny mistakenly took that for being another track title. So when they go into the studio later that night, they built theconcept off of that miscommunication. It was probably the hardest they had ever slayed over a track during the album process. 

Band Line Up

Jack Tyson Charles (vocals)

Pharoah Russell (drums)

Tom Driessler (bass guitar)

Tjoe Man-Cheung (electric guitar)

Jackson Baird (keyboards)