With support from Little Rêd and James Chelliah

Event Has Passed

Last Show: Monday 29 th May 2017

The Pheasantry (Chelsea)

Kerensa, the epitome of a child from the indie revolution will be releasing her long awaited debut album: “Pigeons Think They’re People”. The bard, who takes inspiration her surroundings, observations, and musicians such as Mozart and Lana Del Rey, has released two singles in the last year. Both have been big hits, and it is clear that she’s a starlet on the rise. This event won’t be an ordinary album launch, and a unique combination of art, music, poetry and dance will all be featured on the night. With support from Little Rêd, an incredible songstress who somehow puts everything you’ve ever felt but couldn’t explain into words, and James Chelliah, an outstanding rapper, poet and writer who’s spoken word pieces will leave you spellbound.