Kuba Wiecek Trio 'Multitasking'

Album Launch

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Last Show: Sunday 5 th May 2019

PizzaExpress Jazz Club (Soho)

'Multitasking' is a second album by Kuba Wiecek Trio released on Warner Music Poland on legendary Polish Jazz series (historic lable of Krzysztof Komeda and Tomasz Stanko). Their debut album 'Another Raindrop', which was released two years ago, have received many awards by polish music industry, as well as gained attention of international audiences, reviewers and festivals. They have been touring all across Europe as well as USA and Asia.

„Already during the first tour promoting our debut album I found out, that the time for the changes had come. The first album was recorded completely acoustically, and for this one we’ve prepared some more instruments like electric bass, synthesizers, glockenspiel, voice and more. We are still experimenting with the new forms in composition as well as trying to find new spaces for improvisation. I really like to write songs that make us step out of our comfort zones to get us to those unknown places.”

Kuba Wiecek

Band Lineup

Kuba Wiecek (alto saxophone, electronics)

Michal Baranski (doublebass, electric bass, konnakol)

Lukasz Zyta (drums, glockenspiel)