London to LA

Lexie & MJ Ultra

With support from Gareth Esson & New Kings Order

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Last Show: Tuesday 12 th June 2018

The Pheasantry (Chelsea)

'London to LA' features Lexie & MJ Ultra, a transatlantic singer/songwriter duo. They’ve found a sound in their collaboration that makes the few who’ve heard their music, all the more excited about what the future holds for these young, talented songwriters from opposite ends of the world. Lexie, once signed to Warner & Island Records, appeared on Hollyoaks Music Show & Freshly Squeezed, supported The Saturday’s on a UK arena tour, & has been featured in campaigns for Converse & Adidas. MJ Ultra is an LA based R&B artist, presently promoting his debut indie album, 'Ocean Drive'.His music has been featured in multiple feature films & hit television shows.

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"MJ Ultra is all soul. He carries His tall stature with the swagger of a man who’s just laid out the winning cards at a high stakes table. With a background in theatre his delivery adds another dimension to his poetry. In that, you’re not just listening to music, you’re having an experience in the world he’s created. He is more than a target for women’s under-garments, he uses his music as a platform for his stance on politics and changing the world for the better. With a voice like his, I believe he could achieve some of that change…he’s pretty hard to ignore."

Jessie Payo, NOHO Arts District

In their first live performance together, “London to LA” features Lexie and MJ Ultra, a newly formed, transatlantic songwriting duo, who’ve already begun to make a name for themselves in their respective cities. After a chance meeting in Los Angeles last year, the two took to each other’s music and talents immediately; sharing influences, styles, and eventually the pen and paper, when they began writing music for each other’s solo projects.  

Leicester-born, Lexie, aside from already finding a home at both Warner and Island Records, has appeared on The Hollyoaks Music Show and Freshly Squeezed. She’s supported The Saturday’s on a nationwide arena tour, and has been featured in campaigns for brands like Adidas and Converse. 
She’s gearing up to release her first independent single, “Can’t Keep His Jeans On”, as well as the neo-soul follow-up, “Atmosphere”. Drawing comparisons to Dua Lipa and influenced by Karen Carpenter, Lexie has been ringing loud on the London and Los Angeles radar over the last year as her fans eagerly await the release of her new music. 

MJ Ultra is an LA based alternative-R&B artist. He’s presently promoting his debut independent album, “Ocean Drive”, and he’s just completed an extensive European summer and fall tour in 2017. 
His music has been featured in multiple feature films and television shows. Most recently, he scored two original songs and music videos for Universal Pictures’ “Bring It On: Worldwide”, A Netflix Original “#RealityHigh”, Justin Timberlake’s “Friends With Benefits”, and Kevin James’ “Here Comes the Boom”. His music was twice featured on Dancing With the Stars and America’s Got Talent. His latest feature collaboration, “Black & White” for Barcelona-based DJ duo, Boxinlion, has amassed more than 14 million YouTube views and 8 million Spotify plays.
Deeply rooted in soul, hip-hop, and R&B, the Pittsburgh-born singer/songwriter and actor is slowly putting together his next album, and his newly released single, “Converse” is available everywhere. 

The harmonious blend of these two seemingly kindred sounds, come together with thanks to the efforts of an all-star band of blokes: James Bennett on guitar, James Patton on drums.

Independently, as their successes continue to grow, they’ve found a sound and power in their collaboration that makes the few who’ve heard their music, all the more excited about what the future holds for these two young, talented songwriters from opposite ends of the world.

Gareth Esson combines a mellow percussive guitar style, distinctly soulful voice and intensely personal songs to create his own unique form of alternative folk-soul. Last year, Gareth teamed up with Sofar Sounds to complete his first tour of Germany. Q Magazine came out to hear him play and this is what they said: ”sincerity and soul ... enchanting live performance.”

New Kings Order are a British boy band formed in 2015 by founding member Cardan.  the merge of Cardan’s Dance/Creative background and Brads busking/DIY approach crossed with Aaron’s rock roots and Corey’s urban flare the boys have managed to harness a new stem of life for the boy band mould. While working on there debut EP, the boys have released cover track “Work The Middle” by Alex Aiono to tease there loyal fans with the new style and direction there are working towards. With the release of the boys’ EP approaching this summer they are set to have a very promising 2018.