London Django Collective

Sold Out

PizzaExpress Jazz Club (Soho)

The London Django Collective are a group of jazz musicians based in London, keen purveyors of the musical legacy that guitarist Django Reinhardt left behind and highly regarded improvisers each in their own right. Having sold out dates at Ronnie Scotts and PizzaExpress Jazz Club in 2022 and early 2023 and to follow up on their debut releases in 2019, LDC are releasing "Fiver" a new E.P. of Django inspired original music in Spring 2023. This concert is based around their new E.P. "Fiver". Featuring five different originals by each of the members of the band, for this performance the band will be playing each of their compositions alongside different pieces of music that inspired them as well as some choice music by Django.

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Each member of the collective brings their own dimension to the music, carefully brushing dust off of classic repertoire whilst bringing new and original music into the mix. Each live show is an exciting improvisational showcase of the band and a testing ground for new music. The band is co-lead led by Scottish violinist Matt Holborn and guitarist Harry Diplock and often features a selection of renowned UK musicians, including guitarists Kourosh Kanani, Ducato Petrowski, Robin Katz, Dave Kelbie and bassists Pete Thomas and Simon Read.

Band Line Up

Matt Holborn (violin)

Harry Diplock (guitar)

Kourosh Kanani (guitar)

Robin Katz (guitar)

Pete Thomas (bass)