Marc Copland 'Nightfall'

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Last Show: Sunday 29 th October 2017

PizzaExpress Jazz Club (Soho)

At first, in the mid-eighties and early nineties, it’s discerning critics, musicians, and fans who understand the uniqueness of this pianist. But over the years, the size of the chorus grows louder and more insistent. He continues to record CDs with his early champions, among them John Abercrombie and Gary Peacock, and slowly adds a circle of respected, creative players who recognize his unique touch and harmonic sense. Building a catalogue of recordings at the rate of three to four releases a year, by the end of the new millennium's first decade he establishes himself as a major voice on his instrument.

Photo credits #1 Francesco Prandoni / #2 Guido Werner / #3 John Roberts  

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"Magnificient.....Copland is one of the best pianists in jazz history, the greatest jazz piano poet since Bill Evans."

 Perhaps once in every generation comes a player like this, not just a musician but a painter, a poet, a storyteller without using words, who can bring the largest and noisiest room to a hush merely by starting a ballad with his trademark atmospheric harmonies and textures, drawing the audience into his trance-like, stream-of-consciousness sense of interpretation and development. Added to that, his unusual chord voicings, solo lines, and his deep sense of swing make a style that can go anywhere it wants--but focuses on expanding the boundaries of the instrument and the music, while maintaining a strong tie to the tradition, the tunes, with a music that is shimmeringly new but eminently singable. This then, is Copland, dubbed “the piano whisperer” by Jazzthetik magazine, recognized by discerning critics and fans as one of the handful of major artists on his instrument.