Milica Davies 'Go South in the Winter'

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Last Show: Monday 17 th July 2017

The Pheasantry (Chelsea)

Milica Davies is one of the world’s premier classical guitarists and has worked and collaborated with the likes of Jose Carreras, jazz guitarist Martin Taylor and acoustic guitar legends John Renbourn and Tommy Emmanuel. This week marks the launch of her new album ‘Go South in the Winter’ and she will be appearing with the flamenco guitar master Ramon Ruiz and Antonio Romero on percussion. The album is features 15 evocative, timeless predominantly instrumental pieces crafted by Milica, who has also recently  had her compositions featured in film ‘Sarajevo Roses’ (2016) and eBook ‘Beyond the Gated Tulip Arch’ (2017). 

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"With her fiery virtuosity she's becoming an international superstar"

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Milica is one of the world’s premier classical guitarists, having produced three highly acclaimed albums.  She has worked and collaborated with Jose Carreras, jazz guitarist Martin Taylor, acoustic guitar legends John Renbourn and Clive Carroll and her fellow Australian, the guitar great Tommy Emmanuel.

 Whilst her professional career took off at the age of 17, it was in her mid 20s that she was signed to P3 and produced her highly successful album Evie's Song on the label of the legendary jazz guitarist Martin Taylor.

Over the next four years she worked on some 50 original, highly emotive compositions that are to form her next set of albums, with the upcoming 'Go South in the Winter' announced for release in June 2017.  

In 2016 she composed music for a film entitled 'Sarajevo Roses'  which features her electric guitar playing as well as her classical and acoustic compositions.  The film resonated deeply with Milica who as a child escaped the Bosnian war in the mid-90s and relocated to Australia for 11 years before eventually settling in Britain with her husband Andrew and their two young children. 

Milica attributes all her playing, musicality, belief and confidence in music to her great mentor Dr John Casey, one of the world's greatest guitar pedagogues and also the teacher of the renowned UK-based West Australian guitarist Craig Ogden. It was through Dr Casey's group 'Guitarstrophe!' that Milica understood the essence of good teaching methods and gained confidence to pursue music as a career. In these early tours, she met guitar greats like John Williams, a huge admirer of Casey's pedagogical approach and ensemble work. 
The latest phase of Milica's musical journey has been the most exciting one. 2017 marks the release of her superb new album 'Go South in the Winter' which is to be followed by a poetry/art/music eBook which features many of the tracks from the album and in the meantime she is continuing to compose and perform with Ramon Ruiz, UK's leading flamenco guitarist who has become a great collaborator.  

Band Lineup

Milica Davies (gitar)

Ramon Ruiz (gitar)

Antonio Romero (percussion)