Ola Onabulé Plus Quintet

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Last Show: Thursday 15 th February 2018

PizzaExpress Jazz Club (Soho)

Ola Onabulé - A charismatic and sophisticated entertainer possessing an emotional intensity and vocal virtuosity accompanied by poignant storytelling. Onabule’s songwriting has a capacity to cross cultural and musical boundaries with an unflinching and lyrical pursuit of truth and justice.  British born Nigerian with his infinitely elastic, elegant voice which shimmers in all timbres from blue to black, manages to spice one song with more facets of expressivity than someone else would display in an entire Œuvre.  To assign a particular style to the gentleman and vocal acrobat poses quite a challenge. Onabulé manages somehow to merge into a unique alloy - the poetry of a singer-songwriter, the sophistication of jazz, the dramatic emotionality of soul, the ease of pop music, and the originality of his Nigerian roots.

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"Ola Onabulé, debutant in Umbria Jazz. Warm voice and scenic elegance, Onabule was the star performer of the Arena, speaking to the audience, explaining the songs and joking. A full concert of humour which was appreciated by the audience, powerful rthyms and overwhelming, that accounted fully for his musical roots of the Britain with Nigerian roots: it has gone from Yoruba Afrobeat music, from jazz to arrive to the warm sounds of the soul. A concert worthy of the second evening of Umbria Jazz and did not leave anything to chance."

Piacere Magazine July 2016

The Slow food movement arose from a feeling that what we were being fed was losing its ability to properly nourish and nurture people. Food had simply become a commodity with vital nutrients being lost in the pursuit of profit. If such a ‘slow’ movement was to be applied to the Music Industry, then Ola Onabulé surely epitomizes a move towards hearty, sustaining music, made by artisans with a commitment to quality, integrity and real flavor.

Onabulé has forged an international career via his relentless program of recordings and concerts. Appearances at many of the most respected international jazz festivals that include Montreal, Vancouver, DC Jazz Festival, Istanbul, London, Edmonton, Umbria as well as concert halls and Jazz clubs worldwide ensuring that Onabulé’s reputation continues to be cemented with audiences globally.  Ola is well-known to connoisseurs for his collaboration with renowned orchestras such as the Grammy winning WDR Big Band, the SWR Big Band, and the HR Big Band in Europe and beyond.