Sessions58 Special featuring

Oriana Curls + Peonie + Barak + Amity + Eleni Oly

plus more guest talent

PizzaExpress Live (Holborn)

Sessions58 is a live platform dedicated to showcase and connect independent artists to perform their original music together on one stage. Ilana Lorraine established Sessions58 11 years ago with Nate James and since lockdown, Ilana took it one step further to take the organically formed collective to various venues across London and now even over seas to widen the audience and build their reach. In this new partnership with PizzaExpress Live, Ilana will be curating 'Sessions588 Special' where she brings 4 artists to join her under the spotlight. 


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Oriana Curls

Oriana is a jazz, French chanson and cabaret performer, born and raised in France with multicultural roots, she relocated to the UK ten years ago and has since established herself internationally as a performer in venues such as The Royal Albert Hall, Wembley Stadium, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, The Carlton in Cannes, in the Middle East or at the Edinburgh festival. 

Her new EP 'Curlsworld', explores new electronic sounds and leads her towards new musical adventures. 


Peonie is a pop soul singer influenced by Amy Winehouse yet with a unique sound. Stay tuned to hear her upcoming EP "I don't speak Spanish".


Fearless LGBTQ+ artist BARAK has proudly flown the LGBTQ+ flag across Israel with his unique brand of electro-pop winning over fans and critics
alike. Hailing from Tel Aviv, BARAK has released a string of infectious anthems perfectly fit to soundtrack the latest parties, with new track “MOOD” being no exception.


Ascendant 16-year-old singer songwriter Amity’s deep, dark and dramatic sound - described in The Guardian  as “miraculous” vocals with “dense surreal lyricism” -  has been compared to Adele and Regina Spektor in the National press, scooping numerous national and international competition successes, and placing Amity in the UK’s top 30 young songwriters in their category this year according to the SAYS panel of industry judges. Amity’s empowering lyrics are imprinted by their drive for justice, inner healing, freedom and a determination to lift up those who are struggling, along the way documenting their own ongoing journey from darkness to light. 

Eleni Oly

Eleni Oly is a singer-songwriter originally from Cyprus, based in London. Drawing inspiration from an eclectic mix of genres, including pop, soul, jazz, blues, and rock. Eleni made her mark by participating on “The Voice of Greece” in 2021, on which she captured the hearts of the audiences by securing the 3rd place.