Ritmos Da Cidade Presents

Os Tempos Do Samba

Event Has Passed

Last Show: Wednesday 13 th September 2017

PizzaExpress Live (Holborn)

UK's top samba specialists Ritmos da Cidade (Rhythms of the City) present a show following the story of samba, tracing the history of Brazil's national art form from its roots the cultural diversity of the 18th century New World through the swinging cool bossa nova movement of the 60's to the exuberant glamour of the modern Rio Carnival.


Rhythms of the City, carnival samba group are better known for their loud outdoor drum- heavy shows, bring the Pizza Express a much more intimate evening's entertainment. 'Os Tempos do Samba' - a script written by UK's godfather of samba 'Bosco de Oliveira' charts the story of samba from its birth in the cultural melting pot of the new world, to modern-day Rio Carnival. 

Taking in the historic African and European inheritances of the form, we also visit classic sambas from each decade of the 20th Century, including - batuque, jongo, maxixe, tango, modinha, chorinho, the sambas of praça onze, samba canção (ballad samba), bossa nova, samba de gafiera, pagode and samba enredo. An epic and truly Brazilian whirlwind tour for your enjoyment.

Band Lineup

Inês Franco (vocals/percussion)
Laurie Blundell (vocals/cavaquinho/percussion)
Luíz Morais (vocals/7 string guitar)
Telmo Souza (guitar/percussion)
Barak Schmool (flute/saxophone/percussion)
Jeremy Shaverin (cavaquinho/percussion)
Adam Osmianski (drumkit/percussion)
Brian Taylor (percussion)