Parry Ray 'Know the Way Back'

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Last Show: Wednesday 27 th February 2019

The Pheasantry (Chelsea)

The London-based singer-songwriter releases her new album 'KNOW THE WAY BACK', featuring fresh acoustic arrangements of hit from the decade 1975-85 encompassing pop, jazz and swing styles. Parry Ray is a singer-songwriter and interpreter with an incredibly varied musical palette. She performs regularly at the RAH Brunch sessions, Ronnie scotts and other notable venues in and around London. Here at the Pheasantary she showcases the music from her album presenting an evening of beautiful sounds and classic songs in a refreshingly new light. Parry is currently back in the studio working on a brand new project with jazz producer James McMillan (Liane Carroll), which she will be revealing to the world early 2019.

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"Parry's initial pitch of repertoire for this album was both brave and unusual. Her approach however in bringing together these wonderful songs in such a stylish and convincing way is a tribute to her imagination and vision both as a singer and as an artist. It was my pleasure to help see this through"

Andy Wright

All this provides the background to Parry Ray’s new album, appropriately titled KNOW THE WAY BACK. It is a way back through Parry’s own life: the work includes new versions of ten songs by artists ranging from Blondie to The Cure, Billy Idol, and Fine Young Cannibals from a decade which hugely influenced Parry in her life journey. Each track is connected to a personal memory of hers. It is also a way back through the singer’s career: it is her fourth album, and a testament to her broad musical tastes which have enabled her to re-interpret songs from many different genres into a personal style mixing pop, jazz and swing influences. Supported by a musical dream team including superstar producer Andy Wright (Simply Red, Eurythmics, Simple Minds among others), Sam Swallow (formerly part of The Hoosiers) on keys and backing vocals, Jamie McCredie on guitar, banjo and mandolin, Roman Roth on drums and percussion, and Gareth Huw Davis on bass and cello, Ray has breathed new life into these well known songs. She has focused on particular aspects of each original track, enhancing certain moods and emotions and adding her trademark husky vocals as a unique finishing touch.

In her typical multi-faceted approach, Parry has not just released the songs: she has worked on recreating the artwork for each single to visually accompany the tracks as youtube clips. She has also posted a series of vlogs explaining her take on each song. KNOW THE WAY BACK is a fully audiovisual project, highlighting Parry’s attention to modern self-marketing and connection with audiences both on and off line in the music and entertainment business as a whole.