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Last Show: Monday 13 th May 2019

PizzaExpress Jazz Club (Soho)

Partisans are a real band – with a cult following in their native UK, 5 celebrated albums, including the award winning 'Swamp', years of performances around the globe, and known for bridging the gap between New York Swing, European Improv and UK Rock. The band has developed a distinctive sound of its own where the combination of each member’s influences feeds a genuine creative spark generating huge excitement and energy. The richly lyrical and strongly melodic compositions written by Robson and Siegel, provide the framework and starting point, underpinned by the rock solid, freewheeling and supercharged rhythm section of Kelly and Calderazzo.


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"One of the most exciting all star experimental groups in Jazz today.”

BBC Radio Jazz on 3

Partisans are celebrating the release of their new live album, Nit De Nit, on Whirlwind Records Label, recorded at The Vortex, London in September 2018.

Since their formation in 1996, Partisans have been thrilling audiences the world over with their ferociously energetic performances of tightly knit themes and with great freedom coming from their years of playing together. 

Hailed as breaking the ground for the new wave of British jazz in the late 1990s, Partisans is co-led by two of the pre-eminent musicians of their generation, Phil Robson (guitars) and Julian Siegel (tenor sax & bass clarinet), the quartet's line-up is completed by Thaddeus Kelly (bass) and Gene Calderazzo (drums).

Band Lineup

Phil Robson (guitars)

Julian Siegel (tenor sax & bass clarinet)

Thaddeus Kelly (bass)

Gene Calderazzo (drums)