Powerhouse Gospel Choir Presents

Soul Spirit

PizzaExpress Live (Birmingham)

The unique sound of Powerhouse Gospel Choir is found in the magical blend of their voices producing a sound that is soulful, passionate, uplifting and utterly captivating. Most of these seasoned singers and musicians have worked with some of the world’s top artists and music legends, and have been singing together in various formations for many years. Led by the inimitable T-Jae Cole one of the UK’s most respected gospel choir directors. Powerhouse perform all your favourite gospel songs, including 'Oh Happy Day', 'Amazing Grace', 'Joyful Joyful' and many others. Bring your best singing voice - T-Jae will have you singing songs in a way you never imagined.

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"It was a beautiful day and the choir where fantastic as per usual! Looking forward to speaking with you about next year!”

Greenwich Urban Village Festival

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"An amazing evening, the one downside was my hands still hurt in the morning from so much clapping."

"I’m so glad we came. It was amazing and my daughter loved it as well. We’re hoping to catch you again, if you’re this way in the future."