Queen Kaltoum

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Last Show: Monday 18 th March 2024

PizzaExpress Live (Holborn)

Embark on a musical journey with the original and unique sounds of Queen Kaltoum at her debut headline show at PizzaExpress on March 18th! Delight your senses as they unveil their distinctive blend of soul and her italian/moroccan heritage, creating an intimate and one-of-a-kind experience. Join us for an evening that marks the artist's inaugural headline performance and secure your place to witness the magic of Queen Kaltoum's originality.

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Introducing the captivating Queen Kaltoum, a rising star in the music scene set to make her mark with a debut headline show at PizzaExpress on March 18th. Born and raised in Italy, with Moroccan heritage and now based in London, Queen Kaltoum's musical journey reflects a fusion of these cultures and her love for Soul, creating a sound that is as original as it is compelling. She has graced multiple venues in London including the renowned Ronnie’s Scotts and recently joined the band Crystal Fighters that have gained international acclaim with their electronic and folk elements.

Queen Kaltoum's journey in music has been marked by a commitment to authenticity and a desire to create art that resonates on a profound level. Influenced by artists like Lauryn Hill, Nina Simone and Alicia Keys, she has crafted a sound that effortlessly blends genres, captivating audiences with her emotive performances and soulful compositions.

Guiding her on this night is the accomplished Loner Muaka, renowned for his work with artists such as Little Simz, Bakar, and Greentea Peng. As the musical director for the evening, Muaka brings his expertise to curate a sonic experience that complements Queen Kaltoum's distinctive style. Together, they promise a night of sophistication and depth, playing with the magic of the ethereal.

The live show at PizzaExpress is not just a performance; it's an opportunity to step into the essence of Queen Kaltoum's identity. With Muaka's musical direction, they aim to create an ambiance where simplicity meets depth – a space where sound, voice, and the magic of the ethereal come together in harmony.

Join us on March 18th for a night that transcends the ordinary, where Queen Kaltoum's voice becomes a guide through her love for music. Immerse yourself in the original representation of her artistry, with each note carefully chosen to provide an intimate experience for the audience. Don't miss this extraordinary evening at PizzaExpress, where the love for music takes center stage.