Raquel Reno

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Last Show: Saturday 13 th January 2024

The Pheasantry (Chelsea)

With songs drenched in the rich sounds of southern soul, you could be forgiven for thinking you’re listening to one of the classic divas of the 1960s when you first hear Raquel Reno sing. Perhaps that’s because, as a young girl in Cheltenham, Raquel dove into her parent’s music collection, discovering Aretha, Dusty, and Dinah Washington, whose voices she aspired to emulate. Never one to sit at home waiting to be discovered, Raquel’s drive to sing and make music took her across the world; to China, to Abu Dhabi, and finally, to Nashville, where she found herself recording with some of the legendary singers and renowned musicians responsible for the famed Muscle Shoals.  With storytelling lyrics that are both dramatic and romantic, and a rich soul voice sound. Raquel draws on her experience when she writes and performs. She sings honesty and openly about broken relationships, past family pressures to abandon her dreams and settle down, and the perils of being a young woman, fighting to stay afloat in the choppy waters of the music industry. Now, having recorded the best part of a debut album, she’s looking forward to finally performing her own music on her terms.

As a young girl in Cheltenham, Raquel dipped into her parent’s music collection, finding Aretha, Whitney and Mariah, whose voices she aspired to emulate. By the age of 19, she’d had a myriad of jobs, with much of her earnings spent on fares to London to audition for various girl-bands and gigs.