Raquel Tavares

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Last Show: Friday 28 th July 2017

The Pheasantry (Chelsea)

A leading voice of contemporary fado, Raquel Tavares presents her new album 'Raquel', her most personal album to date. Born in Lisbon to a family immersed in the city's musical panorama, Raquel explored every corner of the fado 'milieu' from a young age, and this wealth of experience shines through in her expressiveness, attitude and vocal ability. A hugely talented artist, she has fully embraced the esteemed role of 'fadista'.

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One of the most important voices of contemporary Fado, Raquel Tavares presents her new album "Raquel", a record where the artist shows her whole world. Studies took her to other directions, following a normal course of education and maturity, until the moment her “destiny” took her to decide her life and career. 

One feels in her voice, in the attitude, in the expression and, above all, in the courage she has by assuming herself as a “Fadista” (Fado Singer). All of this couldn’t be by chance, or by the fact that she is an artist with a huge talent to act. No great actress could assume so well this role.

Supported by The Portuguese Embassy in the UK and Camões Institute 

Band Lineup

Raquel Tavares (vocals)

Daniel Pinto (acoustic bass)

André Dias (portuguese guitar)

Bernardo Viana (acoustic guitar)