René Marie

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Last Show: Friday 19 th August 2016

PizzaExpress Jazz Club (Soho)

Grammy nominated artist Rene Marie is firmly established as one of the greatest living jazz vocalists. In a career spanning two decades, 11 recordings and countless stage performances, vocalist René Marie has cemented her reputation as not only a singer but also a composer, arranger, theatrical performer and teacher. Rooted in jazz traditions laid down by Ella Fitzgerald, Dinah Washington and other greats of past generations, she incorporates elements of folk, R&B, country and even Classical music to create a captivating hybrid style. Her 2013 CD release 'I Wanna Be Evil: With Love To Eartha Kitt', earned a Grammy nomination in the Best Jazz Vocals category.

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"The US vocalist's ability to step inside the song produces one of the gigs of the year"

Peter Quinn

The newest installment in her ever-expanding body of work is Sound of Red, a CD set for release on Motéma in April 2016. It’s her first album of all-original material, an 11-song set that provides insightful glimpses into the many small but profound turning points that are part of an individual life. René’s clever songcraft and sensual vocal delivery make those personal moments not only meaningful but enlightening to a broad audience.

“I wanted to make a record that people could go back to again and again to excavate their emotions,” says René. “We cover things over every day. We have to in order to move through the day and move through our lives. We can’t always afford to be vulnerable to things like pain, loss, confusion, hurt and frustration. I want this record to provide some kind of architecture to provide support in those moments when our emotions are not necessarily happy ones.”

Perhaps more than most artists, René understands music’s capacity to heal and inspire. Not only has she herself been the beneficiary of it, but she has made every effort along the way to extend those same benefits to others.

“I have never forgotten the early lessons learned about the power of music,” she says. “Today, I try to imbue that feeling of emotion into every song I write and every song I sing – every time. I am very happy to be alive today, doing the things I love to do – singing, composing, writing, teaching and arranging.”

Band Lineup

Rene Marie (vocals)

Bruce Barth (piano)

Arnie Somogyi (bass)

Stephen Keogh (drums)

Perico Sambeat (alto saxophone)