Robert Mitchell’s Epiphany 3 feat. Julien Lourau

EP Launch

Event Has Passed

Last Show: Wednesday 26 th September 2018

PizzaExpress Jazz Club (Soho)

Robert Mitchell, award-winning and critically acclaimed pianist, composer, piano festival creator, curator, lyricist and innovator, presents music from his brilliant album “A Vigil For Justice. A Vigil For Peace” (Sept 2017) as well as the new release that follows it, the EP “Epiphany”. This concert, featuring special guest French saxophonist Julien Lourau is the official UK launch of the EP. The music, interspersed with Robert Mitchell's poetry and spoken word, is a vivid commentary on the current times. It seamlessly goes from m-base, funk, latin to free form, always keeping the listener on their toes and fascinated. The changes of the rhythm, also present in the inspiration coming from the beat poets and hip-hop, take us on the path of discovery, with the melody always there, exciting and flowing.

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"As a commentary on the times, this feels spot on, with its quest for an optimistic solution to troubling events. But more than this, it is a piece of jazz that is an ambitious and uplifting work of art." Chris Barber, Jazz Views

"Mitchell is a lyricist and a thinker, and British jazz is far richer for his presence." Mike Butler

You will hear some of the poems that feature on the album and are integral part of the compositions. With “A Vigil For Justice. A Vigil For Peace” the composer addresses dissatisfaction with the political process, inequality and division, continued struggles for peace, migration, refocussing on the special talents that everyone possesses, long lasting love and a tribute to the brilliant Debbie Purdey.

Robert Mitchell’s Epiphany 3 features Tom Mason on bass and Saleem Raman on drums. The band reflects the spirit of humanistic thought and freedom present in the composer’s work - their rapport is special.

Over 20 years entrenched in the art of music, Robert has recorded nine albums of his own projects, participated in over 100 as a sideman and has performed in 40 countries. His current priorities include his long-running ensemble Panacea; his new trio Epiphany 3 with guest dancer Masumi Endo and special guest Julien Lourau, and solo performance - including his fascination with one-handed works, which led to a solo album and the 2013 Leftitude festival.

Mitchell also continues to work with young Cuban vocalist Daymé Arocena, Soul and West-End star Shaun Escoffery, French sax innovator Stephane Payen, young saxophonist Tom Harrison, Cuban violinist Omar Puente, South African education, percussion and conflict resolution genius Eugene Skeef, and new free jazz/radical poetry group StaggerLee Wonders as well as Courtney Pine and Orphy Vibes.  

Band Lineup

Robert Mitchell (piano, keys)

Tom Mason (bass)

Saleem Raman (drums)

special guest: Julien Lourau (saxophones)