Sabrina Francis & FLOM

For the Love of Music

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Last Show: Friday 12 th October 2018

PizzaExpress Live (Birmingham)

Sabrina Francis and FLOM will perform their debut show at the PizzaExpress Live with the mellow, sultry sound of this upcoming artist. Hailing from the Caribbean island of Grenada, the musical quartet promises to both captivate and soothe you with a powerful ensemble of original music they call Acoustic Soul from the West Indies. Sabrina will be sharing songs from her album 'Think In Colour' along with her newest releases.

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“Soul resonates from her core. With each melodic line, Sabrina Francis’ raspy emotive voice envelopes your entire being, gently transporting you, through the sheer passion which she emanates, to a beautiful euphoric world of love, beauty and light.”


Born in Grenada to a music-loving family, music and song-writing have always been a way of life.

Mind you, she wasn't forced to practice the piano 8 hours a day or write entire symphonies, but she and at least four of her siblings were all taught to appreciate the simple beat of a drum and to take pride in the gratification that can come from expressing yourself with a pen.

Over the years, Sabrina’s has had a number of very memorable opportunities to share her voice with anyone willing to listen, In 2013, Sabrina’s song “This Is Home“ was used by the Grenada Tourism Authority to promote Grenada as a holiday destination.

Sabrina decided to form a new band focusing on polyphonic singing. Before they knew it, FLOM (For the Love of Music) was one of the most requested live bands on the island and did over 100 concerts within the region. Soon after, Sabrina and her band started doing small annual tours in Europe, spanning over Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Italy.

By 2017 Samuel Baur (CH) produced Sabrina’s first album, “Think in Colour“ was recorded onboard a ship, once that was done, Sabrina Francis & FLOM opened on the main stage of the Pure Grenada Music Festival. During this festival Sabrina met English singer Joss Stone and did a small collaboration with the UK soul songstress.

Band Lineup

Sabrina Francis (vocals)

Alesia Aird (guitar)

Dieter Burkhalter (keyboards)

Keane Jules (drums)