Success Express Presents:

Satch + Mohan Evans + Amalie Bryde

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Last Show: Tuesday 18 th April 2023

PizzaExpress Live (Holborn)

Success Express continues to introduce exciting Independent artists to new audiences at PizzaExpress Live. We are thrilled to present this compelling contemporary lineup of three artists whose music touches upon pop, soul jazz, r&b and hip hop. Candid and compelling artist Satch with full band is joined by Mohan Evans with his superb trio and the stunning and vibrant Amalie Bryde.

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Satch is an unforgettable live performer, who writes songs as compelling as the voice that sings them. Hailing from Sussex, this artist vulnerably tells his story through ‘genre-queer’ arrangements, lyrical candor and esteemed ‘Satch and Leo's Transmission’ podcast.   Garnering serious stamps of approval from playing some of the worlds most important festivals (Glastonbury, Reeperbahn) and airplay and live shows at the BBC, Satch is breaking ground in both musical and political arenas. Backed by a gifted band and with the release of his debut album imminent, there’s never been a better time to witness Satch’s live show.

Mohan Evans

Mohan Evans is a gifted song- writer, producer and musician experimenting inside pop, jazz, soul, and hip hop.  Hailing from an illustrious musical family, his parents and grandparents have been making records for generations. "My child-hood memories are painted with colourful encounters of people who are icons to many. Being surrounded by such talented people meant that I was always inspired to create and perform. It has set my standards high and is a large part of what drives me to keep improving as a musician, song writer and producer.” Currently Mohan has spent 2021 and 2022 living and working between London and his childhood home and recording studio, Tpot studios in Scotland, where he produces, writes, teaches and creates, with a brand new EP set for release later this year.

Amalie Bryde

Amalie Bryde is one of the most soothing alternative R&B artists to emerge in recent years. Born in Denmark and now residing in London, she possesses a rare talent for combining bold, melancholic, and honest lyrics that delve into the themes of self-love, mental health, and the complexities of being a woman in the modern era. Her latest EP, "In & Out of Love", is both self-produced and written and showcases her diverse blend of jazz, soul, and R&B. Each track highlights her powerful and versatile vocals, leaving listeners eager for more. With her fearless and gifted songwriting, Amalie Bryde has established herself as a rising force in the UK music scene, and an artist you simply must experience live!