Sean Foran 'Frame Of Reference'

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Last Show: Monday 3 rd October 2016

PizzaExpress Jazz Club (Soho)

Acclaimed Australian pianist, Sean Foran, steps away from his work with the progressive piano trio Trichotomy, to release an album with a brand new ensemble of cutting edge British players. Featuring a collection of original works by Foran for the inventive line up of piano/Rhodes, guitar, saxophone, cello and drums. This is the debut London performance by this world class quintet to celebrate the release of the album ‘Frame Of Reference’ on Jazzhead Records.     

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“Lyrical expression in the manner of pianists John Taylor or Bobo Stenson”

BBC Online

Foran’s time in the UK, from being a Masters student at the Leeds College of Music, and then through numerous tours with Trichotomy has led him to interact with a variety of vibrant players in the UK scene and on this album he brings along Julian Arguelles (sax), Stuart McCallum (guitar), Sam Lasserson (bass) and Joost Hendrickx (drums). An immediate chemistry is evident in the ensemble, who were assembled for the first time at the recording session.

“The music is more chamber based that my trio material, and also more textural. The saxophone, guitar and cello complement each other in a really interesting way and open the music up to so many possibilities for melodic and harmonic interactions. Most of all, there’s space for everyone to improvise… it feels very open and melodic…I think there’s a sense of optimism in the music, a sense of calm”, Foran notes. “Recording it was actually quite relaxed…it was the first time we were all playing the tunes, but there was a strong sense of cohesiveness that really comes across in the music."

Sounds from Foran’s love of minimalist composers including Steve Reich, Phillip Glass and modern jazz masters such as Pat Metheny are evident in the music. Rhythmic and hypnotic, but always with a clear melodic focus.

Band Lineup

Sean Foran (piano)

James Mainwaring (sax)

Stuart McCallum (guitar)

Sam Lasserson  (bass)

Joost Hendrickx (drums)