Meridian 107 FM Jazz Presents

Sinatra to Soul 'That’s How We Roll'

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Last Show: Saturday 2 nd September 2017

The Pheasantry (Chelsea)

Tom Fitzpatrick, a singular force of nature bursting onto the jazz scene. At 26, no one can hold back this young artist with his fresh interpretation of 'Old Blue Eyes' swing standards and performance of artists twice his age.

Chris Thomas combines the style and swagger of Sinatra with the performance excitement of James Brown and Bruno Mars. A professional dancer with powerful vocals, Chris brings the American flavour back to 'Sinatra' and soul better than ever before.

Featuring world renowned drummer Vince Dunn, who will be leading the swing and groove with amazing musicians from both sides of the Atlantic.



"While (Chris) Thomas pays tribute to these singers and arrangers, he doesn’t try to mimic or imitate these vocalists or their notations, instead putting his own original spin on the readings of the lyrics. The only word I can come up with is a simple one: soulful. While he has a style all unto his own, the closest singer I can compare him to is another vastly underrated (jazz heavy) vocalist, Mark Murphy.”

Jerry Pearce,

Earlier this year the South of England's hottest young jazz artist, Tom Fitzpatrick, joined The Chris Thomas Band in Florida for a number of sold out performances. An idea was born, to bring the best of both sides of the Atlantic to the London jazz scene, to premiere at The Pheasantry, Chelsea.

Tom Fitzpatrick burst onto the jazz scene aged just 18. A singular force of nature and still only 26, no one can hold back this young artis with his fresh and energetic interpretation of 'Old Blue Eyes' swing standards. He has become a sought-after guest artist across the Uk, Europe and the USA. He has also performed alongside top West End and Broadway stars such as Ruthie Henshall and Kerry Ellis.

A native of Chicago and long time resident of Florida, vocalist Chris Thomas, a professionally trained and competitive dancer, combines dance and vocals together with the best musicians in Florida to deliver an unforgettable performance. Chris has the style and swagger of Frank Sinatra and the performance excitement of James Brown and Bruno Mars. He brings American flavour back to Sinatra and with soul, bigger and better than ever brfore.

'Only the Beginning', The Chris Thomas Band's debut CD, peaked at number 11 on the Jazz Album Chart (Roots Music Repoert) in December 2016 and the track 'Cake by the Ocean' peaked at number 6 on the Jazz Sigles chart. 

World renowned drummer Vince Dunn, with over 30 years experience, will be holding down the swing and the groove, leading these amazing musicians from both sides of the Atlantic.

Three individual forces of nature combined into one show - Sinatra To Soul.... That's How The Roll. Expect to be entertained, excited and definitely out of breath from dancing to these awesome preformances!


The Tom Fitzpatrick Band - 1st Set

Tom Fitzpatrick (vocals)
Tom Phelan (piano)
Peter Hill (drums)
Terry Pack (double bass)
Andy Potts (sax)


The Chris Thomas Band - 2nd Set

Chris Thomas (vocals)
Jonah Pierre (piano)
Vince Dunn (drums)
Cody Wheaton (bass)
Jarrett Carter (guitar)
Sarah Lee (saxophone)
Steve Strawley (trumpet)
Lance Reed (trombone)