Space Ghetto

Event Has Passed

Last Show: Thursday 12 th July 2018

PizzaExpress Live (Holborn)

London’s funk hard-hitters bring their infectious blend of funk, jazz and hip hop to Pizza Express Live, between festivals and shows around Europe. Following the release of ‘Yeet’ and ahead of the anticipated second EP, Space Ghetto’s live performances always promise heavy grooves and melodic horn lines from some of the UK and Cuba’s most exciting players. The night also features new material and some very special guest vocalists.

Space Ghetto formed in 2017 when long-time friends and collaborators Mehdi Langroodi, Josh Barber and Tom Maine needed an outlet for their shared love of funk music and legends such as The JBs, Parliament Funkadelic and J Dilla.

Alongside Mehdi on drums, Josh on bass and Tom on guitar, Space Ghetto is comprised of some of London's most talked about horn players, trombonist Kieran McLeod, saxophonist Caspar Sutton-Jones and trumpet virtuoso Yelfris Valdes.

The self-produced 'Yeet' EP, released in January 2018, blends funk, jazz, hip hop and psychedelic rock with hard backbeats and mighty horn melodies. From the relentless, head-nodding title track to the trombone-led 'Better Off Dead', a cover and tribute to the great Bill Withers, whose music the band have continued to explore with a show and live recording from London's Jazz Cafe, featuring some of the city's most exciting singers. The debut record also features Cuban percussionist Javier Camilo, LSO violinist Julian Rodriguez and David Landers on keyboards.

 2018 sees the band hitting clubs and venues across the UK and Europe, with a second EP imminent and an album in the works.

Yelfris Valdes (trumpet)
Kieran McLeod (trombone)
Caspar Sutton-Jones
Tom Maine (guitar)
Josh Barber (bass)
Tom Farmer (keys)
Mehdi Karimi-Langroodi (drums)
Javier Camilo (percussion)