'Spellbound' Jessica Lee Morgan and Sorcha Chisholm

perform songs from their hypnotic new albums

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Last Show: Wednesday 23 rd August 2017

The Pheasantry (Chelsea)

After joining forces again with Holy Holy, alongside father, Tony Visconti, and Woody Woodmansey, Jessica plays songs from her second solo album, 'Around The Block'. Her rich, appealing voice and worldly songwriting skills sound wonderful in the intimate confines of the music room, her songs are upbeat and warmly melodic, 'Your Girl' and 'Texas Angel' proffering a Joni Mitchell-style delivery. Another standout new song, 'I Am Not', has a great, obstinate Alanis Morissette feel, and the set’s diversity takes in the gentle waltz of 'Stay With Me' and poppy 'When Did It All Begin?'.  While her mother, Mary Hopkin, has long retired from performance, she continues to create new music, including 2013’s richly-hued 'Painting By Numbers'. On her own songs, Jessica has her own assured voice, but covering a handful of her mother’s tunes, there are echoes of that enchanting Hopkin vibrato. It infuses the material with power and poignancy.

Sorcha Chisholm New Album – “Hymns for Her”

Sorcha Chisholm is an Australian singer, songwriter, recording artist, piano and guitar player currently based in Tokyo. 

Her latest album "Hymns for Her" was recorded between 2014-2016, in a remote little bush community outside of her hometown of Adelaide, in a tiny Yokohama studio with ex-backline engineer for Cornelius and Primal Scream Jakey Slater, and at ex Mott the Hoople keys wizard Morgan Fisher's Tokyo home studio. It is an album that can best be described as "ambient-folk" and is at once tender, mysterious and confronting in its lyricism and production. 

Sorcha has performed the album in its entirety twice in Tokyo with an ensemble of professional musicians, many of whom appear on the album, including Morgan Fisher and American percussionist Samm Bennett.  It has been met with much praise and is now taking Sorcha to international lands where she hopes to attract more listeners to her music.  

Sorcha will be performing an intimate solo show on guitar and piano for the Pheasantry on August 23.