The Liam Grundy Band

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The Pheasantry (Chelsea)

Liam Grundy is a critically acclaimed piano player/vocalist and guitarist working in UK Europe and the USA. He has worked with roots legends James Burton, Dave Edmunds, Steve Cropper, Billy Swan, Scotty Moore and Shakin' Stevens amongst many others. He has written for Dave Edmunds and various Nashville Artists and is a busy session musician. He has recorded at SUN Studio & Ardent in Memphis with the multi Grammy Award winner Matt Ross Spang. And he has worked at all the major UK studios including Abbey Road. He has worked in West End Theatre, touring theatre and TV. Liam has a great band with some of the best session musicians around today. 

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They play Rocking Country and Americana with a Rockabilly Edg.

He will be releasing a new album this year Chorlton.

In the intimacy of Pheasantry cabaret room, this will be a very special experience in the company of a truly excellent performer, plus his band.