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The Preaching Divas

PizzaExpress Jazz Club (Soho)

The Preaching Divas is a heartfelt tribute and passionate look at the pioneering female vocalists and lyricists that launched the brand of music known as ‘the blues’ which in turn became Jazz. The songs these uncrowned queens of gospel, blues and jazz performed were outspoken, racy and very on the edge. If ever we needed to be reminded of the strong trailblazing women from musical history it is now! Come along and discover how the messages in this old music still hold true today. 

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“I can think of no other young singer of Scottish Jazz who can deliver this kind of material with such authenticity and so swingingly as Alison- hence her award.”- BBC Jazzhouse

"Ali is Scotland's bonafide Queen of Vintage Jazz and Blues - she means every word she sings’- ocweekly

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Ali possesses "a beautiful, powerful voice" (Barbara Morrison 10/8/16), ''captivating Scottish charm and vocal grace" (Annie Ross) and with her powerful and unique vocal styling, Ali constantly draws comparisons to the Jazz divas from the halcyon days of the 20s and 30s when style and elegance mattered as much as the music. With her effortless vocal ability for swinging Jazz and Blues, Ali  loves to share the stage and revels in the artistry of her band, however it is Alison’s sensitive and passionate handling of the lyrics that really stands her out from other vocalists today.

Award winning vocalist Ali Affleck is Accompanied by maestros Steve Hamilton on piano and Colin Steele on trumpet and collectively they will take you on a journey in celebrating historically pivotal, outspoken (and often quite racy!) songs from the late 1800s to the end of the prohibition era in 1933.

Steve Hamilton
is one of Scotland’s greatest and most in demand pianists , Steve works within many musical genres , most notably with drumming legend Billy cobham,  Eddi reader, Paul Towndrow, Alyn Cosker and Christian Tobin.

The Gin Mill Genies present the birth of the blues and early trad jazz with the ‘Preaching Divas’ project.An intimate, heartfelt and humorous look at the pioneering women of early blues and trad jazz, ‘The Preaching Divas’ has received rave reviews ever since it was first performed in NYC last year with star swing pianist Gordon Webster.

Ali Affleck (vocals)

Steve Hamilton (piano)

Colin Steele (trumpet)