The Romano Viazzani Ensemble

With special guests Joanna Strand and Jacqui Tate

Event Has Passed

Last Show: Sunday 6 th May 2018

The Romano Viazzani Ensemble has gathered in its ranks some of the finest musicians from the world of classical, jazz and Latin American music to bring to its audiences Tango-inspired music using an instrumental line-up similar to Astor Piazzolla’s famous quintet. With this combination of Corinna Hentschel on violin, Romano Viazzani on accordion, John Bailey on piano, Jonathan Preiss on guitar and Yaron Stavi on double bass they not only perform the music of Piazzolla as it was originally intended but also use this combination of sounds to bring us new music as well as traditional Argentine and European Tango, and other associated music.  With special guests Joanna Strand and Jacqui Tate.

Band Line Up

Romano Viazzani (accordion)
Corinna Hentschal (violin)
Yaron Stavi (double bass)
Jonathan Preiss (electric guitar)
John Bailey (piano)
Joanna Strand (singer)
Jacqui Tate (singer)